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South Taranaki


Harvesting – Silage, Grass & Maize

At Kalin Contracting we operate either a Claas 950 harvester for precision cutting of premium stack and pit silage or Loader Wagons for longer chopped pit silage.

We harvest Maize and Grass Silage and can use Truck & Trailers for longer distances or Tractor and Trailer for shorter or on farm carts.

We operate either a buck rake with pressroller or JCB with 4m folding forks for carrying and spreading pits, even layering reducing the chance of waste. Our operators have the experience and knowledge to produce an even compaction and therefore a better end product.

Our Harvester and Loader Wagons are equipped with an inoculant application system to suit our clients needs.

Need a pit cover? We provide bulk roll covers in widths of 12m and 15m and are cut to length to fit your pit.​


Square and round bale hay. We operate three round balers and can organise large square baling. We can make the size to suit your feed requirements. Our bales are all net wrapped and compacted in layers making feeding out quick and easy for our clients

We operate a 124 Massey Ferguson conventional square baler. We also make and store Hay and Straw bales. See our Supplement Sales page for more information.


We have two all in one combi Fendt/MF balers, we produce consistent high quality silage bales.

Using 6 layers of wrap ensures a good seal on the bale, minimising the possibility of oxygen exposure.

Customers can have inoculant applied to their silage bales. Please contact us to discuss.


We operate Claas swathers that enable us to have variable working widths. We are able to select the right width best suited to the crop and season allowing us to create consistent bales.

We have a Claas quad rake for larger paddock area to ensure even flow of crop through the harvester.


Quality hay and silage requires grass to be lifted and moved. We operate three tedders to get your job done. We carefully turn crops to create an even spread, allowing for consistent drying. We can take care of the entire job for our clients.

Our Process

Pit CompactionPit Compaction

Our Machinery

  • 950 Claas Jaguar
  • Silage Loader Wagon


  • Round Bale
  • Pit & Bunker Silage

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