Cultivation & Planting

  • Planting- We work with the very best planting equipment to get accurate population and crop coverage. Contact us to discuss your Maize or Crop planting requirements.
  • Grass Seeding -We operate Redback seed rollers and Duncan Air Seeder direct drill. Using our experience we provide a range of options to re-grass pastures including direct drilling and broadcasting and rolling.  We use Trac Map & Tractor equipped guidance.
  • Soil Preparation- We use a reversible Kverneland plough to aid both drainage and root growth. In most cases we use our Amazion 4 metre Power Harrow to evenly redistribute and break up the the soil. We contour the area to create an even seedbed for better cropping results.  We are able to offer Strip Till/ minimal till if required. Please contact us to discuss. 
  • Soil Aerator- Our James soil aerator allows soils to breathe and increase potential for root growth. Our machine has a 2.5 metre width and working depth of 25cm allowing pastures and crops the ability to maintain growth during dry conditions.  The Aerator reduces excess water on surfaces and breaks up compacted soil allowing for better overall soil conditions.
  • Leveling, Rotary Hoeing, Rotary Tilling, Ground Discing- We have the equipment to suit the conditions of the season. If you require any type of cultivation, we have the solution for you and can get your crop or pasture sorted.